As I was saying...

My name isn't Greta Jane. Greta and Jane were my saucy little grandmothers.

My name is Melanie. I was born in Paris, France. I came out hairy, small and fussy, and remain so as an adult.

I don't remember exactly how old I was, maybe 6 or 7, but I remember the day I let my absurd sense of humour out to play like it was yesterday. I was asked to set the table and without word or hesitation, I did so with only giant serving tools and my mum's variety size

My parents laughed loudly and the approval I got from it made my armpits itch and my insides bop like one of those giant tube people outside of used car dealerships. That's when I realised I wasn't wired like normal people.

My story reads simply...

From my girlish days as a weird little dork in Paris, to my pursuit of an education in Mathematics & Economics in Boston. From a career as an economist in wildly corporate settings between New York, London, and France to my life parenting (strategically, not consistently) in Calgary. All the while, making up for my lack of social skills with a flair for making people laugh with an always borderline inappropriate sense of humour.

I stumbled into Greta Jane on nothing but an instagram handle, and some weird butt doodles.

In 2019 I officially claimed my little corner of the internet. And, despite making my debut as a Very Serious Paper Company right as The Turn™ hit and we were all told we could never touch our faces again, Greta Jane has taken on a life of its own.

It’s been a wild ride. I am still here and the work is still fun as hell. I love just about everything and everyone in this orbit. And it’s all thanks to you.


Do it. Do it now.