Everything was stupid. And then I met you.

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Purchase this nugget and you shall get:

♡ Size: 4.25 x 5.5 [A2] card

♡ Inside: blank for your own ridiculously awesome message

♡ Paper: 100lb premium white felt paper (it's like watercolor paper, it gives the card a distinctly heavy weight tactile feel)

♡ Packaging: The envelope is included (recycled white envelope) and both will be packaged in a cellophane sleeve.

♡ Shipping: Canada Post LetterMail in brown mailer envelope marked Greta Jane Paper Co.

♡ This card is a neat little love nugget. It is simple really, things sucked, and then you met a person who made things such a lot less and this card is your way of letting them know. If that’s not romantic, I don’t know what is. Give this to your lover for as part of an anniversary gift, to your best friend just because, a long lost sibling or parent. You can even give it to your pet, because personally, my life was stupid before I got a dog. I've even seen brides give this to their grooms on their wedding day and vice versa which is rather COOL. Be cool too. Buy this card.

Best Wishes and Warmest Regards!

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